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Planned Giving and Endowment

Ways to Give

Gifts That Make an Impact After Your Lifetime

Bequests: The most common planned gift is one made in a will or a trust. United Way is named as beneficiary of an estate’s distributions. Read more for examples of wording to include United Way of Olmsted County in your will.

Beneficiary Designations: A basic way to leave a planned gift is to name United Way of Olmsted County as primary or contingent beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account.  Use a Change of Beneficiary Form to add United Way.

Life Insurance: A gift of life insurance names United Way as both owner and beneficiary of a policy. Read more.

United Way Life: United Way Life provides an affordable and convenient way for any donor to magnify their impact on the community more than was dreamed possible. The use of life insurance products will help achieve this cost effective way to leave a legacy to benefit our future community. Read more.


Endowment builds the capacity to ensure that our community is a caring and safe place where children thrive, adults and families succeed and basics needs are maintained. Read more.

Gifts You Make Today

Memorial and Tribute Gifts:  Gifts to honor a loved one or special person are gratefully accepted as a special recognition in their honor.  Gifts may be made to the Community Fund or Endowment Fund.

Charitable Lead Trusts:  A donor created Charitable Leader Trust make annual payment to United Way for specific period of time. At the end of that time the principal is returned to the donor or another remainder beneficiary. Read more

Gifts That Pay Income

Charitable Gift Annuity:  A United Way Charitable Gift Annuity provides a donor a fixed payment for life and a lasting legacy to United Way.  Read more.

Charitable Remainder Trust:  A donor transfers assets to a Charitable Remainder Trust. Income is distributed to a beneficiary and a charitable gift to United Way is deferred.  Read more.