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The Workplace Giving Campaign is the most prominent United Way fundraising effort. It offers an easy and effective way for employees to contribute and demonstrates companies' commitment to their community.

Benefits of a Workplace Giving Campaign

Increasingly, employees and customers are drawn to companies that are committed to community involvement and that create opportunities for engagement with causes they care about. Workplace Giving Campaigns provide an excellent opportunity to engage employees, foster teamwork, and boost morale while positively impacting the community. 

In 2023, United Way of Olmsted County's Campaign raised over $2 million. These funds will impact over 43,000 individuals and families in Olmsted, Dodge, Fillmore, and Winona Counties.

  • Education: Workplace Giving Campaigns educate employees about local charitable organizations and community needs. 

  • Enhanced Employee Relations: Campaigns offer ways for employees to improve their community and develop team-building skills, boosting morale as they work together towards common goals. 

  • Satisfaction: Employees gain satisfaction from supporting causes that matter to them, with United Way offering diverse options through our community initiatives and foundational pillars of Education, Health, and Financial Stability. 

  • Workforce Development: Workplace Giving Campaigns provide leadership opportunities, empowering employees to create strategies and reach their networks. 

  • Community Leadership: Workplace Giving Campaigns strengthen the bond between employer and employee, demonstrating a shared commitment to the community.

  • Corporate Recognition: Participation in Workplace Giving showcases a company's commitment to community service, earning recognition at events, in the media, and through marketing materials. Companies can leverage this recognition in their communications.

  • Easy Administration: Workplace Giving Campaigns present an efficient way to impact your community. Payroll deduction simplifies the donation process, and easy online donation options enable sustained giving throughout the year. 

  • Improved Customer Relations and Loyalty: Customers prefer companies that support their local community. Workplace Giving participation enhances a company's reputation, demonstrating its dedication to its community. 

  • Delivering Impact: Workplace Giving Campaigns help United Way of Olmsted County reach over 40,000 residents of our region each year, ensuring everyone has access to vital resources to meet their needs.

  • Employee Education: Workplace Giving Campaigns raise awareness of local programs, educating employees and their networks about available resources. 

  • Expanded Outreach: Workplaces provide new avenues for community outreach, making it easier for more employees to participate in vital community service activities. 

  • Increased Partnership: Campaigns foster cooperation between charitable organizations and companies, reducing duplication and building stronger community coalitions. 

  • Local Service: Employees can engage in year-round Corporate Volunteer Opportunities, directly benefiting the community.

The Power of Giving

Employees' contributions to United Way of Olmsted County benefit the entire community -- not just one program, issue, or population. United Way addresses the community's most urgent needs and develops innovative solutions for lasting change.

There is no such thing as a small donation! United Way maximizes its community impact by pooling contributions and strategically investing in results-driven programs and initiatives. Spreading donations throughout the year via employee payroll deduction or monthly online giving makes it easier for individuals to increase their contributions while staying within their budget!  

Advantages of Payroll Deduction

  • Easy: Payroll deduction simplifies the donation process, allowing employees to contribute small amounts regularly rather than a lump sum. 

  • Streamlined: Combining multiple agency appeals into one annual pledge eliminates the need for multiple drives throughout the year. 

  • Flexible: Employees can contribute without sudden financial strain. 

  • Boosts Morale: Payroll deduction fosters a sense of teamwork between employees and employers, boosting morale. 

  • Automatic: Deductions automatically stop when paychecks are not received, ensuring contributions are always manageable. 


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