Women United

Women United

We are a group of Women Supporting Women, to:
  • Advance and elevate the work of United Way of Olmsted County
  • Create opportunities to advance the health and vitality of our communities 
  • Lead in giving, volunteering, advocating, networking, and mentoring to create meaningful change in our communities.


As a Women United Member you will:
  • Change Lives: Your support of United Way’s work in education and youth development through Women United membership prepares children and youth for success in school and beyond.

  • Have Direct Community Involvement: Learn firsthand about community partnerships and programs. Visits to local programs that are initiates and/or supported through the United Way provides insights into how your support makes a difference.

  • Network with Local Leaders: Meet women with a shared interest in creating lasting change. Gatherings and volunteer opportunities provide time to socialize as well as learn. The most popular event is the Power of the Purse fundraiser presented by Women United.

  • Celebrate Women: The Maude Finch Award recognizes women’s achievements in advancing the common good with service, volunteerism and leadership. Women United presents this annual award at the Celebration of Caring & Giving.

  • Get Acknowledged: As a member of a caring and committed group of women, be recognized in our community as an example of what Living United is about.

      Start your membership by:

Making a minimum annual leadership contribution of $650 or more directed to United Way of Olmsted County.

  • Personal donation check or credit card

  • Gift of stock or securities

  • Donation through payroll deduction

Membership gifts can be made at any time during the year. Be sure to check the box next to Women United on the online form. You may also wish to print the form and mail in a check to: 903 West Center St, Ste 100 Rochester, MN 55902.

Work-place Donors: Did you pledge or donate at least $650 through your workplace? Email us to connect your contribution to a Women United membership and receive benefits today.

Susan Ahlquist

Jennifer Albright

Amy Alexander

Brandee Anderson

Kristelle Behle

Brenda Berg

Audrey Betcher

Kathleen Bohn

Aleta Borrud

Jennifer Boysen

Sheri Brandvold

Melissa Brinkman

Toni Burns

Nicole Callahan

Heidi Campbell

Jennifer Campbell

Elaine Case

Amy Clayton

Lisa Colborn

Erin Collins

Lisett Comai-Legrand

Debra Cox

Angela Cramer

Michelle Daiss

Amy Davis

Debra Donahue

Jane Drennan

Holly Duck

Kika Dudiak

Sharon Dunemann

Carolyn Eichenlaub

Kari Ellingsberg

Beth Elliott

Sandra Feehan

Sara Felts

Hilla Ferguson

Bethanie Flattum

Beth Fondell

Cathryn Fraser

Lydia Gammell

Jennifer Garness

Karen Graszer

Carrie Graunke

Sue Greenberg

Kristi Gross

Jean Guyse

Wanda Hagquist

Kimberly Hallum

Nicole Hanf

Kathleen Harrington

Julie Hebert

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Rebecca Hinchley

Michele Hoover

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Shirley Hultz

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Alison Zelms



This award is named after the first recording secretary of the Rochester Community Chest, known today as United Way Of Olmsted County. Maude Finch served as a role model for our community over 90 years ago when she promptly donated her $20 in wages for clerical services back to the community chest. Her simple actions then, as now, serve as an example of giving back to make a difference in our community.


This award is presented by United Way of Olmsted County's Women United group to recognize a woman whose action, results, and time improve one or more of the interconnected building blocks for a good quality of life – education, health, income, and basics needs. 


Women United Maude Finch Award recipient Claudia Tabini




2022 | Khadija Ali, co-founder of Pamoja Women

2021 | Virginia Merritt, Executive Director of Channel One Regional Food Bank 

2020 | Ponloeu Chim, Retiree, Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA)

2019 | Gail Sauter, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance/Operations at University of MN Rochester 

2018 | Joanne Rosener, Community Volunteer 

2016 | Elaine Case, Independent Civic and Community Professional 

2015 | Audrey Betcher, Director of Rochester Public Library 

2014 | Carmen Kane, Mayo Cinic SR Health Systems Engineer

2013 | Jan Vetter, Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity's Carpenter's Club, Dison's Cleaners  

2012 | Susan Ahlquist and Michon Rogers, Rochesterfest Board, First Alliance Credit Union 

2011 | Jane Campion & Wanda Hagquist, Children's Volunteers - The Women's Shelter, The Canadian Honker  

2010 | Barbara Withers, Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys, IBM's EX.I.T.E Camp 

2009 | Karel Weigel, Habitat for Humanity, Women Build, Rochester Women Magazine