Helping individuals be physically and mentally healthy.

United Way works toward improving overall health in our community.  Physical and mental health are foundational requirements to a good quality of life. Without good, stable health, people struggle to provide adequate income and pursue education for reaching their potential. United, we’re providing improved access to prescription drugs, early childhood mental healthcare, addiction recovery support, wellness programs for seniors and their caregivers, and more to ensure the most vulnerable in our community can achieve optimal health.

Did you know...

·       29% of Olmsted County residents have ever had a mental health condition, and 32% of the population is living in a household with at least one individual with a diagnosed mental health condition.

·       Social isolation is considered a threat to physical health and in many studies is considered a risk factor comparable to smoking or obesity.

·       In 2013, 30% of uninsured adults went without needed medical care due to cost.

United Way and our community partners fight for:

·       Mental health awareness, support, and clinical care

·       Access to prescription drugs

·       Access to recovery from addiction

·       Social connectedness


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United Way’s Health Programs


SingleCare is a prescription discount card available to everyone in our community regardless of whether someone has health insurance. This card is accepted at major pharmacies in Olmsted County. Most individuals receive nearly 80% off by using the SingleCare discount card. Learn more


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