Financial Stability

Financial Stability


Helping individuals and families meet their basic needs and achieve financial stability.

United Way strives to support people as they journey toward financial independence. People living in financially unstable homes frequently encounter other foundational quality-of-life needs, such as good health and quality education. Without a stable and family-sustaining income, people can find themselves falling behind rather than moving forward in creating a good quality life. United, we’re providing eviction prevention and rapid rehousing services, nutritious meals, adult education, independent living services, and more to help people in our community meet their basic needs and become more financially stable.

Did you know...

  • More than 6% of Olmsted County children live in poverty, and 1/3 of Olmsted County adults feel financially stressed.
  • Nearly 600 people are experiencing homelessness in Southeast Minnesota on any given night, including approximately 355 families with children. Housing instability is directly linked to poor health outcomes, educational outcomes, and employment outcomes.
  • Food insecurity is harmful to all people, but it is particularly devastating to children. Proper nutrition is critical to a child's development. In Olmsted County, nearly 6% of households are food insecure.
  • The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is one of the largest and most successful federal anti-poverty programs, yet 1 in 5 eligible Minnesota taxpayers does not access the EITC.

United Way and our community partners fight for:

  • Housing stability
  • Access to adequate, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods 
  • Paths to stability for domestic violence survivors and low-income single mothers 
  • Independent living skills for people with disabilities 
  • Support for seniors aging in place 
  • Language and cultural skills for new Americans 
  • Access to financial services 


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United Way’s Financial Stability Programs

Free Tax Preparation 

United Way of Olmsted County and VITA work to provide free tax preparation services for taxpayers in Olmsted and Dodge Counties. Thousands of low-income households access this necessary service for free, improving access to tax credits and bringing dollars back into our community in the form of tax refunds. Learn more

211 Resource & Referral

211 is a free and confidential information and referral service that is available 24/7/365. Assistance is available by phone, chat, text, and internet search. Trained information and referral specialists connect community members with local services and resources that meet their needs.

Information about a wide range of human and social services is available, including senior services, education, childcare, legal assistance, transportation, housing, youth services, employment, food, counseling, family services, volunteering, health services, and much more. Learn more

Meadow Park Initiative

The Meadow Park Initiative is a partnership between Family Service Rochester, Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association, United Way of Olmsted County, and the Meadow Park neighborhood in Southeast Rochester. We are building a long-term collaboration between residents and community organizations that brings resources to the neighborhood, enhances a sense of community, and supports residents in achieving their goals for their families and their neighborhood. As a lead agency in the initiative, United Way provides administrative support.

Partners: Family Service Rochester, IMAA, and local residents



Learn about our grants to help individuals and families meet their basic needs and achieve financial stability. Click here


Meadow Park Initiative is an effort to build knowledge, skills, connections, partnerships, and leaders among diverse residents in the Meadow Park neighborhood in southeast Rochester to collectively take action to advance their health and vibrancy. The neighborhood has a history of welcoming new Americans, comparatively affordable housing, supporting small businesses, as well as disinvestment by the broader community. Like many neighborhoods in Olmsted County, Meadow Park is home to people who face barriers to achieving their hopes and dreams for themselves and their families. Overcoming such challenges takes more than individual effort—it requires support from within and outside the neighborhood, as well as changes to larger systems.



This intercultural neighborhood initiative creates community connectedness, fosters relationships, and reduces barriers through culturally appropriate activities and resident-driven efforts. It brings Somali, Latino, African American, Asian, and white residents together to work on shared aspirations, with the long-term goal of improving the overall quality of life in the neighborhood. Residents’ priorities for achieving this goal are to improve opportunities for wellbeing, safety, and the physical environment. 






Watch our video to learn more about Meadow Park Initiative 
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