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Independent Living:

Some families face challenges as they work to maintain stable, healthy households. United Way sees a particular need in Olmsted County to provide supports for seniors, recent immigrants and refugees, and people with mental illness to live independently in the community. When individuals and families can live healthy, financially stable, and independent lives, our community is stronger.

We are issuing this Request for Proposals to establish partnerships and offer support for programs that provide services and/or training in instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) to vulnerable populations. We particularly welcome proposals from programs that serve seniors, recent immigrants and/or refugees, or individuals with mental illness. Proposals from programs serving other populations that can benefit from support in IADLs will also be considered. 









    Future Funding Opportunities

    Printable summary of the highlighted opportunities for 2018



      Connections investments will be designed to help reduce isolation by establishing personal connections between individuals and groups, reduce segregation by establishing intercultural relationships and contexts, or reduce inequities by seeking out the voices of underrepresented or marginalized individuals and amplifying them. This is a wide field of possibilities, and while it overlaps with much of UWOC’s previous investment portfolio, it also opens a variety of new strategies and widens our organizational field of view.

      Anticipated release in Fall, 2018.


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