Are made by anyone, at any time, and at any income level.
By including language in your will or trust that specifies a gift to be made to family, friends, and including the United Way of Olmsted County, you are choosing to make a lasting impact. 


  • Gift of a percentage of your estate. 
  • Gift of a specific dollar amount or asset. 
  • Gift from the balance or residue of your estate. 
  • Gift by designating a beneficiary of a certain asset(s) 


  • Change or modify your wishes at any time.   
  • Lessen the burden of taxes on your family.  
  • Offset or eliminate estate taxes, leading to a larger inheritance for your heirs 
  • Receive (possible) estate tax savings.  
  • Peace of mind knowing that your gift will be used as intended.  
  • Leave a legacy in Olmsted County.  


Margaret Stewart, 70, is a retired schoolteacher with two adult children. She is very well known in the community, for her illustrious teaching career, but also for her extensive volunteer activity. She would like to establish an endowment to support several United Way programs or initiatives with which she has been involved and is passionate about. However, she lives on a small pension along with income from her savings and does not feel comfortable giving away any of her savings. Instead, Margaret instructs her attorney to revise her Will to leave a fixed amount to each child and give the residue to the United Way of Olmsted County to establish the Margaret Stewart Endowment. If Margaret finds she needs the money during her lifetime, it will be available. 



  • Contact your lawyer and express your desires.

  • View our recommended bequest language.

  • Visit to use our writing tool to start your will or make additions to yours, and ultimately save you time with your lawyer.

  • Reach out to Resource Development at 507.287.2000 or email at to get connected with local planners and advisors that have worked with our donors to include the United Way of Olmsted County in their wills and estate plans.

  • Contact Resource Development at 507.287.2000 or email at to get your questions answered. 


Already have the United Way of Olmsted County in your Will or Estate Plans? Please let us know so that we can properly thank you by contacting  Contact Resource Development at 507.287.2000 or email at 



For all bequest documents, please include following is the Legal Name and Address:

United Way of Olmsted County, Inc.
903 West Center Street, Suite 100
Rochester, Minnesota  55902
Telephone: 507-287-2000
Fax:  507-287-2063
President: Jerome Ferson


The United Way of Olmsted County, along with United Ways around the country, provide a free and easy way to create a will in less than 30 minutes. All you need is two witnesses and you can make amends at anytime. Visit to create your will today with no strings attached. 

* The above information is not legal advice.  For legal advice, please contact your attorney or contact us at to speak with a local attorney who has partnered with United Way of Olmsted County.