Appreciated stocks or bonds are an easy and tax effective way to make a gift to United Way of Olmsted County.  


  • Avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated stock.  
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction. 
  • Recognition of stock gifts will be for the average of the high and low stock price on the day of transfer to United Way. 
  • Further United Way's impact and mission in Olmsted County.  



  • Treasury bonds 
  • Government bonds 
  • Some savings bonds are non-transferable, but you may leave these types of savings bond to United Way of Olmsted County in your estate plans. 

 " Donating stock to United Way of Olmsted County is a valuable way to support my community.  
When I give stock that has risen in value, UWOC receives the full value of the stock tax free. 
If I were to sell that stock and give cash instead, I would owe tax on my capital gain. 
Donating the stock directly to UWOC allows me to give more than donating cash does." 
- Donald Halley 

You purchased 100 shares of, when it was a relatively unknown company. Now, your $2,000 investment is worth $75,000. You typically support United Way through payroll deduction of $1,000 but you want to increase your gift to $1,500 this year. If you sell two shares at $750 per share, you will end up paying 25% tax on $1,460 in gains, or about $365 tax on about $1100 of capital gain. If you donate two shares of Amazon worth $1,500, you will avoid $365 of capital gains tax and will get a deduction of $1,500 which, in a 40% tax bracket, will save you another $600 in income tax. Your tax savings totals $965 and the after-tax cost of your $1,500 gift is only $535.



Please consult your tax professional to discuss your personal situation.

Account Name:   United Way of Olmsted County

United Way of Olmsted County’s Brokerage Firm name, account number and DTC number:

RBC Wealth Management
Attn: Melissa Mergen
2064 Superior Drive NW
Rochester MN  55901
Account # 31042487
DTC #0235

Electronic Transaction

Step 1:  Create a Letter of Intent
Letter of Intent Template - download
Print three copies of the letter (one for your records)

Step 2:  Send the Letter
Send a copy to your broker/trustee.
Send the other copy to United Way.

Stock Certificate

If you have stock certificates in your possession, please call RBC Wealth Management, Melissa Mergen directly at: 507-288-4941 or Toll Free 800-825-3246 for guidance on how to proceed. 

  • It is important you do not endorse the stock certificate. You will be provided with a separate stock power and transfer form to use.
Trust Account
  1. Notify the trustee and advise trustee of United Way of Olmsted County broker name, contact, address and account information.

  2. Make a customized letter

Data Privacy:  Due to privacy laws, brokerage firms or trustees do not always provide complete donor information when transferring shares of stock. To ensure proper posting, please ask your broker to provide your full name and address when funds are transferred.

Contact us for information or to notify us of a stock gift
  • Resource Development 507-287-2003
  • Finance 507-287-2008

To receive an acknowledgement and receipt for a stock gift, donors need to notify United Way or RBC Wealth Management when stock shares are transferred to United Way of Olmsted County’s brokerage account. If you made a stock gift and did not receive a receipt for it, please contact us at 507-287-2003

Computershare Transfers

Please use this Letter of Instruction guide when making stock donations using the Computershare Trust Company as a transfer agent.


Contact us for information or to notify us of a stock gift | Resource Development 507-287-2003.