Leaders in Giving


United Way of Olmsted County’s Leaders in Giving understand the importance of giving back to their community. These donors demonstrate their commitment to addressing crucial health and human service needs through an annual contribution of $500+. Through generous giving, they are leading the community in creating sustainable change and enriching the lives of those who call Olmsted County home.



Leadership Match



  • Unite with over 2,000 Leaders in Giving in Olmsted County. 

  • Develop an awareness of community issues and local agencies and programs receiving United Way support that are addressing those most pressing issues. 

  • Lend your voice, talents and experiences to make real, meaningful change. 

  • Receive invites to United Way special events. 

  • Bolster a Culture of Philanthropy in Olmsted County.

  • Receive personal OR professional recognition in our annual Leaders in Giving report by level of membership (you may choose to remain anonymous). 



  • Donate today and become a Leader in Giving  

  • Explore step-up options and create a simple multi-year plan that provides you with Leader In Giving recognition today. 

  • Contact us to learn how to apply stock and asset donations towards you Leader in Giving recognition



Granted to individuals who contribute $10,000+ annually. Contributions can also be in the form of Planned Giving. Learn more here or contact Laken Jefferson at 507-528-0483 or lakenj@uwolmsted.org

Recognizes donors who have included United Way of Olmsted County in their estate plans and have provided a notification of their intentLearn more here or  contact Laken Jefferson at 507-528-4830 or lakenj@uwolmsted.org.

Individuals who have given to any United Way for 10 years or more. The 10 years do not have to be consecutive. If you are a Loyal Contributor, please accept our sincere thanks for all you have done for so many people in your community and the communities across the country. Learn more here or contact Laken Jefferson at 507-528-4830 or lakenj@uwolmsted.org to let us know if you qualify as one so that we can properly recognize you

Instead of "donate cash now", planned gifts are long-term, secure investments. Planned gifts are effective means to sustaining our work and our ability to serve our community, especially during times of economic instability and times of disaster response.  Learn more here or contact Laken Jefferson at 507-528-4830 or lakenj@uwolmsted.org.

Leadership contributions of $650+ qualify you for a Women United membership. The Women United affinty group works to create opportunities to advance the health and vitality of our community through annual investments, signature programs, and events. Learn more here.