Planned Giving



Planned Giving is the process of making a significant charitable gift during your life or at death that is part of your overall financial or estate plan. In contrast, gifts to an annual fund or campaign are made from your discretionary income and although you may budget for them, they are not considered planned. 

Explore Planned Gift Options

Planned Giving future-proofs the goals and initiatives of United Way of Olmsted County while ensuring a donor's vision for their legacy is carried out as desired. A planned gift isn’t just about end of life and endowment-type gifts either. There are several ways to provide a planned gift, like providing gifts of stock, retirement assets, life insurance policies, or other assets, that may be particularly advantageus for donors in certain life stages or with certain financial goals.

There are planned gift options that do not impact your disposable income, while others might work to eliminate or reduce capital gains tax in a way that would allow you to make a bigger contribution than you would have been able to through a cash donation. A planned gift might also provide significant tax breaks to you or your family or it could guarantee you or your loved ones with income for life. 

Ways to Provide a Planned Gift to United Way of Olmsted County.

Give without tapping into your cash reserves. 

Honor someone with a future gift in their name. 

Meet our Planned Giving Committee. 

Our pillars of focus including education, health, and financial stability all benefit from the care and fortitude of planned giving. United Way of Olmsted County’s Planned Giving Staff and Committee members are honored to assist you and your advisors in determining the best legacy decision for you.