Which free filing option is right for me?


Volunteers who are IRS-certified will be able to prepare taxes for you. This program allows you to create an appointment and drop off your tax filing information to be prepared and filed by a volunteer. This is a free service available to Olmsted and Dodge county residents who meet the eligibility requirements. 


You are not eligible for this program if:

  • You are uncomfortable with the drop off method
  • If your income in 2020 was more than $72,000
  • If you have a small business with: expenses of more than $35,000 or a net loss, employees, and/or inventory 
  • You operate a daycare business in your home, have farm income, and/or have rental income
  • If you have income from a state other than MN that has a state income tax (excluding Wisconsin and Iowa)
  • If you have military income (excluding a military pension)


Filing taxes online 

Filing online can be simple and easy if you have all of the necessary documents. Online filing options will prompt you to enter information and will guide you through questions to file your taxes on your own. This option is best for people who have access to a computer, can operate a computer or can be assisted by someone who can, and are profiecient in English or can be assisted by someone who is. You're encouraged to search which filing software is right for you. Some softwares may have small fees associated.

  • There are many options to file your taxes online, either through the Minnesota Department of Revenue or other independent software options