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Listening to the Community

United Way works to help people in need reach their potential.  

Listening Team

Who are we?
United Way has a dedicated group of volunteers that are interested in collecting public knowledge. The Listening Team works to hear and amplify the voices of individuals who are less likely to be heard in community forums.

How do we listen to the community?
The Listening Team facilitates community conversations to receive community member input and attends events and meetings in the community to hear more about what is going on.

What do we do with this information?
Information that the Listening Team gathers throughout the year is collected, synthesized, and summarized into annual reports. Community membmers or organizations can use these reports to inform their work. United Way uses these findings to make decisions on future funding opportunities and grant offerings.

What are the expectations to be a Listening Team member?

  • Attend Listening Team meetings every two months
  • Get trained in hosting community conversations
  • Facilitate community conversations with another team member
  • Attend community events and meetings
  • Share findings with the team!

*Commitments are 1-year with the option to renew at the start of the new year!

To learn more about the Listening Team contact Kristin Block at Interested in joining our team? Volunteer! To help us get to know you better, please complete our form and send it to Kristin. 

Below are Listening Team Summaries from previous years.

Click here for the Listening Team 2018 Summary

Click here for the Listening Team 2017 Summary

Click here for the Community Conversations 2016 Summary