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Listening to the Community

United Way works to help people in need reach their potential.   In accomplishing that goal, we use a variety of tactics and approaches.  We advocate on behalf of people in need and prioritze policies that care for vulnerable and marginalized persons.  Through collaboration and partnership, United Way works to align systems to empower individuals toward long-term improvements in their conditions, leading to long-term changes for our entire community.  We provide funding for local programs designed to improve lives in Olmsted County.  And we deliver a limited set of direct service offerings in order to meet critical needs. To do this, we work to constantly improve our understanding of community conditions.

The purpose of our Listening Team is to gain public knowledge. We are particularly interested in hearing the voices of individuals who are less likely to be heard in community forums. We do this by attending events and meetings in the community, as well as bringing individuals together for community conversations. Summaries of our learnings are available below.

United Way is eager to involve the community in shaping our evolving understanding of local needs and assets. If you are your organization are interested in being part of United Way's ongoing listening work, please contact us at 507-287-2000 or Opportunities for community-based organizations to co-host community conversations are ongoing. Applications for Listening Team volunteers are accepted on a rolling basis. To learn more about the Listening Team, click here.

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