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Grant Guide

Grant Guides: Technical Assisstance

Who they are:

Grant guides are volunteers that offer technical assistance to programs currently applying for United Way funding. These individuals have done one of the following: served on a funding review team during the allocations process, successfully applied to United Way funding, or been employed by United Way of Olmsted County. These individuals have have shown commitment to the work of United Way and have deomstrated significant alignemnt with our organization's values, priorities, and perspective. They are available to provide assistance to programs upon referral or request.

What they do:

Grant guides are intended to guide you and your team during the funding review process. They can provide help with developing a budget, provide tips on how to present your program effectively, pinpoint the goals of your program, and discuss program design. They are able to assist with your written proposal to ensure that your proposal is polished and clear. They are also able to guide you through our in-person funding review process, providing tips and pointers to put your best foot forward.

Criteria for using a grants guide:

Your program may request a grants guide if any of the apply:

  • Your organization has unsuccessfully applied for United Way funding in the past
  • Your organization has not applied for United Way funding in the past five years
  • Your organization has less than five employees
  • Your organization has an operating budget of less than $200,000

Who is ineligible for a grants guide:

Your program is not eligble for a grants guide if the following apply:

  • Your organization is currenlty funded by United Way
  • Your organization has a designated grants writer
  • Your organization has an operating budget of more than $750,000

To request a grants guide:

If you feel your program proposal would benefit from a grant guide, please contact United Way's Impact Analyst at 507-535-5519.