Why Live United?

Live United


Because we can make greater impact together.

We have the influence and relationships to make sustainable change a reality. By harnessing resources from corporate, nonprofit, and public partners, we can provide immediate assistance to our neighbors when they need us, while addressing the root causes of our community's longstanding challenges and changing lives for the better.

Every child deserves the right start to life. Yet only 27% of Olmsted County kindergarteners are fully ready for school in the areas of language and literacy. Learn More

Every young person deserves the support of caring adults who are invested in their potential. Yet more than 1 on 4 Olmsted County students says adults in our community don't care about them. Learn More

Every individual and family deserves financial stability. Yet 1 in 3 Olmsted County adults feel financially stressed, and 6% of children in our community live in poverty. Learn More

Everyone deserves access to opportunities so they can lead their best lives. Yet across our region, as many as 600 people experience homelessness on any given night. Learn More




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Every dollar matters. Your generosity funds work that makes positive, sustainable change possible



Your voice is powerful. Raise awareness about causes that affect critical public policies

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Sharing your time is invaluable. Join the thousands of volunteers who use their talents to impact lives every day