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Volunteer with United Way


Central to our work are the people who get involved in big and small ways to ensure a better future for our community. Your time and energy are precious, and we’re beyond grateful for all that you’re able to lend. United Way of Olmsted County is looking for volunteers who represent the diversity of our community. People of all genders, ethnicities, races, religions, abilities, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Advocacy Team 

As a member of the Advocacy Team, you’ll work with a team of volunteers to learn about various models of advocacy, discuss and define advocacy as it relates to UWOC's work, then develop criteria to be used by UWOC and its partners. Your work will conclude when your team makes a written recommendation to UWOC which will be used to inform UWOC staff in future advocacy work.

Applications for the Advocacy Team will be accepted until March 18th. You will be notified if you have been accepted to the team by March 22nd.

This team will have 6 meetings on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30pm, between April 18 and May 23.

Listening Team

The Listening Team will help United Way and the community gain public knowledge as it relates to hearing the voices of individuals who are not commonly heard and on whose life experience there exists little or no local-level data. Members of the Listening Team will gain public knowledge through hosting and/or processing community conversations and/or being a UWOC representative at community group meetings as they apply to United Way's goal.

Applications for the ListeningTeam are accepted on a rolling basis.

Research Team

The Research Team will help United Way and the community by co-learning with others through research. As part of the Research Team, members will learn through literature reviews, analysis of data, and participation in site visits designed to build knowledge on topics for which it did not exist previously.

Applications for the Research Team are accepted on a rolling basis.  To learn more or apply, please visit the Research Team.

Community Volunteer Needs

A comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities in our community can be found on Get Connected.