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Step-Up - Leadership Program


Thanks for your interest in paticipating in our Leadership Step-Up Program! If you have any questions, contact Resource Development at (507) 287-2000.

What is the community of your dreams? One in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive? To provide for their families? One in which everyone’s basic needs are met? Where people join together to address critical issues?

Our Leadership Step-Up program asks you, our leadership donors, to increase of your gift over a three-year period. Participate by making a step up pledge in the 2017 campaign. If your step up pledge moves your recognition to the next highest gift level, it will be recognized in the first year it is made.Your step up pledge will provide United Way of Olmsted County with the added resources to further the work of our community partners and United Way. The generosity of caring people like you - to boldly take the steps to fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community makes the difference to:

  • Ensure our children enter school ready to learn
  • Help our neighbors have access to quality healthcare, as well as food, shelter and safety
  • Provide everyone in our community the opportunity to achieve long-term financial independence

Participate in Leadership Step-Up by contacting Resource Development, 507-287-2000, or, print and return this form to the United Way of Olmsted County at 903 West Center Street Suite 100, Rochester MN, 55902.

My Step-Up Story

  • Mark OstremMark Ostrem

    "I am blessed to work closely with community leaders who set the policies in their respective disciplines which will lead to long term growth and community safety. Many of those people work anonymously, doing good with little recognition. Rather, we as a community take for granted their hard work and expect only positive outcomes. I have been blessed to work closely with the United Way of Olmsted County and many of the partner agencies. I am fortunate to work in a position that provides a real time “unfiltered” perspective on the community. I get more than sound bites and headlines. The majority of our community is very strong, we should be very proud. My office (Olmsted County Attorney) deals with nearly every aspect of our community. Much of the work we do relates to challenges in our community. At some level nearly every aspect of public safety flows through my office. We see tragedy, sadness, harm… but we also see the tireless people that work to change those conditions for people that are not able to make the changes alone. I have continued to see how UW directly supports persons who need a hand. I have seen many agencies whose funding, in whole or in part, flows from UW so they can provide the support our community needs. I know too well the hidden needs in our community and how important UW is to meet those needs. Every year at pledge time I take a look at my annual pledge. I think about the needs in our community. I break down my pledge and consider some of the other things I spend money on. Invariably I increase my donation. When I consider the amount at a monthly/weekly/daily level it is real easy to demonstrate my ability to share more with my community. This is not money I give away, it is money I share with my community to make it better for all of us. We can all do a little bit more and collectively that little bit makes a big difference."  ---Mark A. Ostrem Olmsted County Attorney