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Show Your Local Love

Showing Acts of Local Love can be a fast, fun, and simple way to support United Way's mission and commitment to making Olmsted County a better place for ALL to live. 



Are you ready to make a positive impact on our community?







What are acts of local love?

An act of local love can take many forms. It might be as simple as saying hello to someone on the street, or as exciting as building a new community garden. At United Way, we’re committed to channelling local love in all we do… to igniting the desire in everyone to improve this community we call home. Whether that means helping a vulnerable child, working with isolated seniors or anything in between, it’s all about building connections and delivering support to the people and communities who need them. And we want to work with everybody to do that.Through United Way, you can mobilize people to address a local issue, collaborate with a network of partners to solve a problem, or give financially to support community programs.Or, you can take a personal challenge to add a bit more local love to your life and your community. It’s all local love!



COMING SOON: Watch our Local Love in Action video and read full interviews from our Local Love Story participants.


What is the Acts of Local Love card deck challenge?

The 30-day challenge is a simple to use card deck that will inspire you to carry out one act of local love every day. Take the challenge as an individual or get together with family and friends and challenge them to share the love! Why? Because small things add up.

Each Act of Local Love card deck comes with action and instruction cards to inspire you during your 30-day journey. Request to pick up a  pre-printed deck at our UW office or download your deck to get started.

Once you have your deck, you are ready to go! Pick a day to start your 30-day challenge.  Don’t forget to activate your deck so we can help you along the way.

Ready to unleash your local love? Read the cards and carry out one act of local love, every day. Why? Because small things add up.

Ready. Set. Go!

Don’t forget to share your journey. Take a pic and remember to tag us and include #ShowYourLocalLove on social media so we can follow along.