"Show Your Local Love" Day of Action Benefits Everyone!

"Show Your Local Love" Day of Action Benefits Everyone! 


On September 12th 100’s of volunteers could be found lending a helping hand in our community during United Way’s Day of Caring as we kicked off our Annual Campaign!  Nearly 20 nonprofit organizations were helped throughout the day!  In the evening, local talent, The Suits and 2018 finalist from The Voice – Tish Haynes Keys, shared their soulful sounds as we united to Show Our Local Love as a community.  Both activities were made possible by the generosity of our sponsors for the day:   

Presenting Sponsor:  Wells Fargo Bankvolunteers at Channel One Food Bank

Corporate Sponsor:  Mayo Clinic

Site Sponsors:  Bremer Bank, J. Powers, MBT Bank and Spectrum Pro-Audio

Supporting Sponsor:  First Alliance Credit Union


You can find photos of the Day of Action and the Show Your Local Love Concert here


Helping others and Showing Your Local Love through volunteering benefits everyone!  The obvious benefits are to the nonprofit you are volunteering for, but also the population that the nonprofit serves.  But did you know that when you make an effort to give back to your community, it has positive effects on your own health and well-being as well? 

With the help of our volunteer Research Team, we have compiled a white paper on the benefits of volunteering.  In this white paper, you’ll find that there are many health benefits of volunteering which can include social-emotional benefits, lower mortality rates, reduced likelihood of depression, reduced stress, increases in life satisfaction and a positive outlook on life.  To learn more about these and other benefits of volunteerism, please take a look at our white paper, Benefits of Volunteering, on our website.


Unsure of how you can Show Your Local Love? Visit our online volunteer portal Get Connected to find many local opportunities to give back.  In addition, United Way is hosting a 30-Day Challenge to Share Your Local Love by providing a simple card deck that will inspire you to carry out one act of local love every day.  You can take the challenge as an individual or get together with family and friends and challenge them to share the love!  Why?  Because small things add up!  Find out more at www.uwolmsted.org/showyourlocallove