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Making the holidays a bit less stressful!

Making the holidays a bit less stressful


One third of Olmsted County residents say they are stressed about being able to meet their financial commitments. An illness, the loss of hours at work, or an increase of family size can suddenly make it difficult to pay the bills. The holiday season can be an especially challenging time for families already experiencing financial stress. That’s why we’re grateful to Target North, who stepped up to help bring Christmas cheer to families around the community by donating seventeen artificial Christmas trees.  

Local organizations that are making a difference in our community picked up trees from Target and delivered them to families who might not otherwise have been able to afford a tree this year. Thanks to Target, seventeen families were able to celebrate their holiday traditions with a little less stress.  

We’re proud to live UNITED with Target North and our community partners at Bear Creek Services, IMAA, Jeremiah Program, Meadow Park Initiative, Recovery is Happening, and Riverside Elementary School to connect families with resources that make a difference during the holidays and throughout the year. When you give to United Way, you’re investing in a network of local nonprofits, businesses, and individuals who are improving lives in our community in big and small ways every day. To learn more or make a gift, visit