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Research Team

United Way's Research Team

The Research Team helps United Way and the community by co-learning with others through research. As part of the Research Team, members learn through literature reviews, analysis of data, and participation in site visits designed to build knowledge on topics for which it did not exist previously.We value volunteers who represent the diversity of our community, encouraging people of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, sexualities and backgrounds to apply.

Members work individually, and develop meeting and communication routines that work for them.  The list of topics is dynamic, and the work can involve reading, gathering data, doing literature review, or proofing.  Current topics of interest include social capital and collective efficacy, integrating vulnerable populations into the workplace, housing, and parent/child education.
Team member produce summaries at four levels: overview, strategy, topical, and local context.  Each summary provide input for the the next level of learning, and the final products are used to inform United Way staff, educate funding review teams, guide the development of future RFPs, and provide context for our work at large.

Visit the research page to read the work products of the team.


Applications for the Research Team are accepted on a rolling basis - Please contact Kristin Block at or call 507-535-5504