Mission Moment: Families First School Readiness

school readinessUnited Way of Olmsted County unites people and resources to improve lives in the community with a focus on educationhealth, and financial stability – the building blocks for a good quality of life. We do this by convening the community to address key issues, collaborating to achieve a measurable impact, and connecting human and financial resources to achieve our mission.

To help create a thriving community we work along-side partners like Families First and programs like School Readiness, to ensure people are connected to the resources they need. Occasionally partners will send us participant success stories or comments reflecting on their experience. Read about their experience, below. 

"School Readiness has been a wonderful privilege for our family. Not only did it help our child and her progress, but it also helped us as parents to make sure we were on the right track with assisting our child in her learning journey. School Readiness helped us to be able to afford to have our child in a safe place during the week and ensured us that she was at a top tier learning facility. This has shown in her continued knowledge of all things around her, especially that in the classroom. She has learned relationship building skills along with all of the other school related topics. She is four years old and already has a keen sense of words in books she enjoys looking through. School Readiness helps the community because it helps families be able to give the best for their child even if the challenges of daily life are a struggle. I am forever grateful for this program and those who help encourage it throughout the community. Thank you will not ever be enough for this program."  

With your generosity of time, talent and treasure, United Way of Olmsted County is bridging gaps across complex systems, fostering partnerships, connecting people to essential resources and services and helping advance lives across the community. Our goal is to create lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of social problems. We are mobilizing the community and building collaborations that produce results. Together, we are changing Olmsted County for the better for all of us. 

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