Meadow Park Initiative

Meadow Park Initiative is an effort to build knowledge, skills, connections, partnerships, and leaders among diverse residents in the Meadow Park neighborhood in southeast Rochester to collectively take action to advance their health and vibrancy. The neighborhood has a history of welcoming new Americans, comparatively affordable housing, supporting small businesses, as well as disinvestment by the broader community. Like many neighborhoods in Olmsted County, Meadow Park is home to people who face barriers to achieving their hopes and dreams for themselves and their families. Overcoming such challenges takes more than individual effort—it requires support from within and outside the neighborhood, as well as changes to larger systems.



This intercultural neighborhood initiative creates community connectedness, fosters relationships, and reduces barriers through culturally appropriate activities and resident-driven efforts. It brings Somali, Latino, African American, Asian, and white residents together to work on shared aspirations, with the long-term goal of improving the overall quality of life in the neighborhood. Residents’ priorities for achieving this goal are to improve opportunities for wellbeing, safety, and the physical environment. 






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