United Way of Olmsted County is uniquely positioned to amplify community voices and co-create solutions to Olmsted County's toughest challenges. 

We're bringing people together to make things better. And it all starts with understanding local issues. Learn more about our community priorities by reviewing research conducted by United Way of Olmsted County volunteers and staff. 


Every child deserves the right start to life. --Yet only 30% of Rochester children are fully prepared for kindergarten in the areas of language and literacy.

Support the opportunity for all children in our community to have an equitable start. Learn More



Everyone deserves to be physically and mentally healthy. --Yet 29% of Olmsted County residents have ever had a mental health condition, and 32% of the population is living in a household with at least one individual with a diagnosed mental health condition.

Build strong communities by promoting healthy eating, physical activity, and expanding access to quality health care and social connections. Learn More



Everyone deserves access to opportunities so they can lead their best lives. --Yet across Olmsted County, 200-300 families are dealing with homelessness. Housing instability is directly linked to poor health outcomes, educational outcomes and employment outcomes. 

Help all people access good paying jobs and financial literacy tools to budget for the future so they can provide for their families. Learn More