Housing Stability RFP

United Way of Olmsted County - Request for Proposals

United Way is working to bring an end to inequity in Olmsted County and help people reach their potential. This work requires taking a long view and working collectively to have the greatest community impact. Increasing housing stability is one lever to break cycles of poverty and make a better community for us all.  

Without systems in place that support people to access and maintain safe, stable, and affordable housing, families struggle day after day to manage finances, access adequate nutrition, and meet school and work obligations. Individuals suffer, families suffer, and our community suffers from housing instability. 

Focus Area: Housing Stability

United Way of Olmsted County is issuing this Request for Proposals to establish partnerships and invest in programs that support people in accessing or maintaining affordable housing. Eligible interventions include: rent assistance, eviction prevention, rapid re-housing, and housing rehabilitation.

United Way of Olmsted County welcomes proposals from organizations of all sizes serving Olmsted County’s diverse communities. Organizations serving and led by people of color, immigrants/refugees, people with disabilities, or other underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply. As part of our commitment to equity in grantmaking, we are reserving a minimum of 20% of our total Housing Stability investments to support culturally specific organizations or culturally responsive programming.


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Grant Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - General RFPs

We fund programs that positively impact our community in the areas of health, education, and financial stability. 

We periodically publish Requests for Proposals (RFPs) in response to community needs. Programs that align with the specific goals of an RFP are encouraged to apply.  

Our current funding areas include:  

  • Food security 
  • Housing stability 
  • Independent living 
  • Connections  
  • Early childhood success 
  • Strong foundations  
  • Build Back Better  

Visit our Grantseekers page to see open and upcoming funding opportunities. We do not typically fund programs or projects outside of our formal RFP process. 

See examples of the types of programs we fund in to improve educationhealthfinancial stability, and equity.  

In almost all cases, United Way of Olmsted County provides funding for specific programs, rather than general operating funds for organizations.

Programs are eligible to apply for funding if they meet the criteria of a specific Request for Proposals (RFP), as well as our basic eligibility criteria: 

  • Provide services in Olmsted County and serve Olmsted County residents 
  • Serve primarily low-income individuals or families (those earning up to 185% of federal poverty guidelines
  • Operated by a 501(c)3 or other eligible nonprofit agency (see next question) 
Yes and no.

Faith-based organizations are eligible if they can demonstrate that no religious participation is required in the program.  

Unincorporated community groups are eligible if they can document their relationship with a proper fiscal sponsor.  

Government agencies/units are eligible.  

Individuals, for-profit entities, and political or partisan activities are not eligible to receive United Way funding.  


In almost all cases, United Way of Olmsted County provides funding to specific programs, not for organizations’ general operations. Organizations may apply for and receive funding for multiple programs within a single RFP and/or across RFPs.

In some cases. 

United Way will consider joint proposals when a program is delivered by more than one organization because there is a need for shared program planning, administration, and reporting. That requires all partnering organizations to be serving the same individual participants toward a single, shared outcome over a sustained period. If your program only contracts with another agency to provide a specific service within your program operations, this likely does not require a joint proposal.   

Please carefully review the eligibility and review criteria for the specific funding opportunity you are applying for. We also publish a complete evaluation rubric with each RFP that describes the evaluation criteria and what examples of success in each area may look like in your program.  

If you have questions about a particular proposal idea or how your organization’s work might fit with United Way of Olmsted County funding priorities, our Community Impact team is happy to speak with you. Please email us at impact@uwolmsted.org to set up a conversation with a member of our team. 

Certain agencies may also request additional support from a Grant Guide. Agencies are eligible to work with a Grant Guide if they have not received United Way of Olmsted County funding in the past, have annual revenues under $1 million, and do not employ a full-time grant writer. For full details, visit our Grant Guides page.  

For most RFPs there is no set minimum or maximum award amount.

You should submit a request that reflects your program’s needs. United Way of Olmsted County strives to award grants at the full amount requested whenever possible. United Way encourages programs to pursue diverse revenue streams. Program awards typically constitute less than 1/3 of the total program budget, but this is not true in all cases.    

In recent years, the average annual program award has been $30,000-$40,000. Most awards are multi-year awards for anywhere between 2 and 5 years; this is specific to each RFP. 

We occasionally issue an RFP for one-time awards. The maximum award amount for one-time awards is $20,000. 

You should receive an automated email once your proposal has been submitted through our grants portal. Someone from our team will contact you via email within a few weeks of the proposal deadline to update you on the progress of your proposal.  

The review process and timeline will be detailed in the Request for Proposals. Most review processes include one or more meetings with our review team.  

Final partnership decisions and award amounts are decided by United Way of Olmsted County’s Board of Directors. For multi-year awards, final award announcements are typically made in April, with funding beginning in July. Awards are disbursed in monthly installments.

Frequently Asked Questions - Housing Stability RFP

Yes. The recording is available below.

Please join us on August 26 at 9:00 a.m. for an optional public information session held via Zoom. United Way staff will provide an overview of the investment opportunity, the program requirements, and the proposal and review process. There will be a brief time for questions and answers. The session will be recorded and posted on the United Way of Olmsted County website. Staff are also available for individual follow-up discussions upon request.  

Recording of Housing RFP Public Information Session (37:15).

We will review proposals in two rounds. The initial deadline for round 1 proposals is October 8, 2021.

Please view the complete Housing Stability RFP timeline on our website. The review process is expected to be interactive, with prospective partners and United Way representatives engaging in ongoing dialogue about the proposal.  

All Housing Stability program partners will report annually on a set of shared performance measures:​
  • Number of individuals accessing housing stability programming (total count of participants)​

  • Number of individuals served who access or maintain stable housing (participants that experience positive outcomes due to programming), disaggregated by race and by income

Each program will also co-develop 3-5 additional performance measures in conjunction with United Way staff.​

  • This will happen after funding is recommended but before it is approved by the United Way of Olmsted County Board of Directors.  You do not need to have your additional performance measures in mind when you are drafting your proposal or even during the selection process.​

  • We view data as a flashlight. Reporting is primarily used in communications and co-learning purposes. Ideally, performance measures are mutually beneficial to the partner and UWOC and communicate the ‘core work’ of the program. 

Please see full details in the Expectations of Partners section of our Grant Details page.

This is a 3-year grant period​ that runs July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2025.​
Like our other RFPs, there is no minimum or maximum program award amount for the Housing Stability RFP.
  • We anticipate $150,000 in total annual investments​ across 4-5 programs for three years

  • In recent years, the average annual program award has been $30,000​-$40,000

  • A minimum of 20% of total funds allocated will be granted to culturally specific organizations or culturally responsive programs.​