Financial Education

United Way of Olmsted County offers a number of financial education programs designed to help those in our community to keep and save more of what they earn.

Financial Literacy

Through our partner organizations Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Winona and Hawthorne Education Center, we currently offer a series of free monthly classes focusing on basic financial literacy. Classes cover topics such as how to distinguish between "needs" and "wants," avoiding emotional spending, saving and spending wisely, completing a basic budget, banking basics, reading bills and statements, dangers of credit cards and wise usage, how to interact with creditors and where to go for tax assistance.

December 2017 Financial Literacy Classes

Winter 2018 Financial Literacy Classes

Consumer Credit Seminar

Building on our financial literacy coursework and partnering with the Consumer Credit Counseling service of Family Means, United Way of Olmsted County offers periodic consumer credit seminars. These focus on issues such as basic budgeting, "the envelope method," tracking flexible expenses, obtaining and reading a credit report and understanding settlement offers.

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