Community Gang Initiative

Community leaders from across Rochester began meeting in late 2008 to review the current status of gang activity in the Rochester area and discuss community options to prevent, intervene and suppress gang involvement.
Core Belief Statements

The group achieved consensus on the following four statements:

  • The presence and growth of gangs in our community requires an ongoing, comprehensive community response.
  • A multifaceted response is required to address the many factors that give rise to and sustain gangs.
  • Prevention, intervention, and suppression programs can be effective in reducing youth violence and youth gang involvement.
  • Efforts to prevent, intervene and suppress gangs in Rochester are worth the cost.


The community gang initiative will reduce/eliminate the number of gang-involved youth and adults and gang-related crime.

  • Align community resources (government; faith communities; nonprofits; and for profits) to address the factors that contribute to gang involvement.
  • Enhance a sense of community responsibility and improve capacity and effectiveness of organizations serving gang-involved clients.
  • Assist gang members in transitioning out of the gang lifestyle.